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Private medical checkup

What is "Human Dock"?

"Human dock" is health promoting screening program to aim at early detection, early treatment for adult diseases, which differs from simple medical check-up.

People have different reasons to have "Human dock". The main purpose of "Human Dock" is finding early signs for early treatment in order to increase cure rate. However, that's not only reason to have it. We can find abnormal signs that can lead disease later, and prevent becoming sick is far most important reason to have "Human dock". Based on the result of "Human dock", you can improve your lifestyle to prevent having adult disease.
If you wish, we give thorough advice on daily habit including diet, personal preference on food and drinks, exercise.
We recommend "Human Dock" for those of you who are healthy and fit to continuously stay healthy and fit for your lifetime.

Standard package

"Human dock" Half-day course
42120 Japanese yen (tax included).

Option (tax included)

Brain screening 43200yen
PET-CT 97200yen
Lung cancer check 16200yen
Mammography + Palpation 6372yen
Breast Ultrasonography + Palpation 5400yen

Various optional tests are available.

Outline of tests

Please hand in documents required.

Changing into gown

You can change into hospital gown at changing room. (We provide gown and slippers)


Urinary test, Blood pressure test, Blood sample test, Consultation, Body measurement, Hearing test, Intraocular test, Fundus test, Stool examination, Eye test, ECG, Ultrasonography, Lung function test, Chest x-ray, Upper gastrointestinal test (x-ray or gastroscopy)


If you have any questions, do not hesitate ask your doctor in charge.


You can pay at reception desk. We accept credit card. (VISA, JCB, UC, DC, UFJ card)


Please send us your information form via e-mail.
It may take a while to answer your questions. Please note that for consultation and treatment related questions, we might not be able to answer before consultation.